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Being an entrepreneur means having a certain array of skills. Without a doubt one of the most important is having problem-solving abilities. Knowing how to tackle a problem and get to the solution is vital.

But there are different facets of that skill that each entrepreneur should master. Here are the most important problem-solving skills every entrepreneur should have.

Spirit of Inquiry

Everything starts with the question of “why?” Just about everything can be traced back to that question. This problem-solving skill starts with the initial question and goes into everything from making critical growth decisions to employees to whether to accept funding from a certain investor.

That “why” is what drives not only enterprises but the entrepreneur themselves. It is the simplest and most complex question that entrepreneurs should be able to answer.

Zoom In, Zoom Out

Entrepreneurs need to be able to see both the big and small picture. The latter includes the day-to-day operations that drive the business. But the big picture is ultimately the purpose of the business as a whole.

Being able to zoom in and zoom out, to see both the small and big picture are vital for solving problems. Sometimes, it is a short-term solution needed to get through the smaller details while something bigger may be needed to change the scope and course of the business for the long-term.


What the best entrepreneurs realize is that they cannot solve every problem on their own. Having the right help and people along the way is what the most successful entrepreneurs do. Which means being able to delegate when it is necessary. Some entrepreneurs can’t realize it and wind up burning out or failing because of important missed details.

Having a great team is one of the biggest problem-solving skills that an entrepreneur can have. Being able to turn to someone else who has a better idea can lead to faster solutions and greater efficiency on the whole. Remember: no one does it alone. Having help is absolutely crucial.