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Justin Kaufman


Justin Kaufman lives and works in El Paso, Texas. He is well-known for his commitment to health and fitness and his central role in building up his community. As a successful entrepreneur, Justin played an enormous role in the prosperity of the East side of El Paso’s commercial success.

Justin Kaufman understands from personal experience how far perseverance and effort can go for a person. He hopes to inspire dark horses like himself and demonstrate the power of resilience and determination. His parents instilled a strong work culture from an early age. After graduating from high school, Justin relocated to Lubbock, Texas, to enroll in the Criminal Justice program at Texas Tech University. While attending school, Justin pursued his second interest, sports. Always an athlete, he started his athletic career as a gymnast and excelled in college before finding future fitness skills after graduation.

In 2012, Justin Kaufman entered the El Paso gym market for the first time as an investor. Six years later, Justin’s gym, Ratio One.61, has two successful sites. The number 1.61 is called the Divine Proportion, the Golden Ratio, the Adonis Ratio, and The Universe’s Most Beautiful Number. The number Phi (Φ) and the Fibonacci sequence are ubiquitous in nature, architecture, the human body, and advertising since they are synonymous with symmetry and aesthetics. Some of the greatest painters in civilization, including Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo, have used the Golden Ratio in their masterpieces. 

In addition to his fitness goals, Justin Kaufman is a serial entrepreneur. The Back 9 bar and lounge was the project that helped launch Justin’s empire and his foray into the food and beverage industry. Justin’s due diligence included research into every facet of running a bar. He chose the ’36’ zip code on the East side of El Paso, vowing to turn it into a bustling destination hub. He based some ideas on the busiest portion of town, the West side. Before long, Back 9 became the city’s number one bar and lounge, and the East side began thriving, thanks partly to Justin’s successful enterprises and community initiatives.

As a gym owner researching the fitness and health sector, Justin Kaufman soon recognized he could build a better all-in-one beverage focusing on exercise recovery. He learned that protein is an expensive component, which explained why competitive drinks lacked this vital ingredient. Nobody else in the country has the mix of protein, creatine, and carbonation patented by Justin. In addition to 10g of protein, his recovery drink, Ratio Repair, contains Creatine, BCAAs, Electrolytes, and Glucosamine to help muscle recovery after exercise. The product lines are designed for users interested in functioning and enhanced hydration, focusing on muscle restoration, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and rehydration.

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